Friday, May 11, 2012

connect for xbox -the only guide you need to connect xbox 360 to laptop

I will show how to connect Xbox 360 to  laptop, it will allow you access to Xbox Live to download new makerplace contained or transfer files directly from the same laptop on the xbox360. I also advice you to read how to connect xbox 360 laptop with VGA.

You must have an xbox 360 wireless adapter or an Ethernet cable if the xbox 360 is pretty close to your wireless router to be connected by a cable.

Connect to the end of the adapter into your son without female port located at the rear of the console, or connect an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port of the console.

Turn on your laptop, once the computer switch click "Control Panel" and wait for a new window appear. Double click on the "Network and Sharing Center" icon.

Check the top right side of the screen and find the name of your wireless network. Note the name, then turn the Xbox console. Scroll the option of the main menus. Press the "x" on the controller when you reach "parameters"

Select "System Settings" and select "network setting". Scroll up to "a zone of tex t and type the name of the network you with written earlier. Press the" A "on the controller to record the change.

Back on your laptop and get back on the network and sharing center area. Click "see computer and devices" and then click on the icon of your laptop.

Wait for your laptop to detect the xbox360 console and then "yes" when a window appear asking if you want to connect to it.

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